Membership Value

It is our belief that by advocating on behalf of dental assistants, dental receptionists, treatment coordinators and office managers, we elevate our profession by increasing respect and recognition. Furthermore by providing education, information, and certification, ODAA empowers our members to succeed within their career.

There certainly is value in being an ODAA member and/or a certified dental assistant, receptionist and treatment coordinator. Certification is recognized worldwide and our patients certainly understand the importance of certification as it acknowledges the need to stay contemporary in thought and practice. ODAA certification has a positive influence on compensation and job security.

There is also quantifiable monetary value in being a member of ODAA. Our current membership fee of $120.00 is tax deductible and at an assumed average taxation rate of 30%, the after tax cost of membership is approximately $84.00 per year or $7.00 per month.

To members who renew, we offer a life insurance package of $15,000, which is included in your membership fee (free to renewing members). This life insurance would definitely cost you more than $84 per year.

And benefits go beyond that - we advocate for better wages and working conditions for Ontario dental assistants.

Be proactive and become a member of ODAA.