Strategic Plan

This strategic plan will clarify the outcomes or goals that ODAA wishes to achieve over the next 5-10 years.

Current ODAA Statements:

Value Statement:

ODAA is a member-driven organization dedicated to professionalism, education, integrity, unity and fellowship.

Mission Statement:

The ODAA supports dental assistants as respected healthcare professionals through visionary leadership and recognized credentials, fostering a unified sense of pride among its members.

Vision Statement:

ODAA represents all clinical and administrative dental assistants in Ontario.

We are committed:

  • To ensure that all members are certified and are considered an integral part of the dental profession
  • To lobby and advocate for our members to ensure that their skills, abilities, needs and concerns are promoted within both the dental community and the general population
  • To facilitate continuing education by providing quality educational programs, courses and conferences
  • To work with all members of the oral health care team in the best interest of client health and welfare
  • To encourage all members to perform their duties to the highest standards
  • To foster unity and diversity by welcoming the active participation of members in our association at the local, regional and provincial level
  • To ensure that all members work in a healthy environment and are paid a wage that reflects their professional standards and practices  

Strategic Plan:

  1. Certification:
    We believe that in the absence of being a regulated health profession, that Ontario DAs need to be ODAA Certified. This would ensure that all dental assistants are formally educated and have passed the appropriate examinations and make a commitment to staying contemporary in thought and practice.
  2. Work-Place Safety and Wages:
    ODAA is committed to improve work-place safety, wages and benefits for Ontario dental assistants. Pay must be enough to ensure that workers can be self-determining. Good pay will encourage the best possible people to enter the profession.
  3. Continuing Education:
    ODAA will continue to promote the value of continuing education. We will also strive to provide quality continuing education to our members at a reasonable cost to ensure that patient safety is maintained
  4. Standards of Care:
    The professional association of dental assistants should be setting standards and criteria regarding the work of dental assistants. Standards around the work of dental assistants should be made by dental assistants and ODAA must make this happen by taking positions on key areas.
  5. Respect and Recognition of Dental Assisting as a Valued Profession:
    The public is best served by ensuring that all working Dental Assistants are formally educated, ODAA certified, well-paid and considered an integral part of the dental community. The future of dental assisting rests on being able to attract the best possible candidates into our profession. Our education facilities must be encouraged to be part of the national standards.