Benefits of Membership

What does the ODAA do for dental assistants?

That’s a tricky question—the ODAA is a professional association founded by and for dental assistants—dental assistants ARE the ODAA! ODAA benefits are the direct result of what dental assistants do for other dental assistants—what you do for your professional association.

ODAA members take pride in their career and want to improve the profession as a whole. They believe in the value of shared resources, most importantly in a strong and respected voice in the dental industry. Your Association promotes the dental assisting profession on behalf of ALL dental assistants. Your ODAA Directors and staff advocate on behalf of dental assistants where you see us—at the ODA ASM—and where you don’t see us—to government, dental industry organizations, and regulatory bodies across Ontario and Canada.

What does the ODAA do for its members?

Members of the ODAA contribute resources in the form of membership dues and volunteer time. These resources create spaces for them to share their questions and knowledge with other dental assistants, and to learn about the latest developments in the dental industry. These resources also lower the costs of research projects and programs, and provide exclusive discounts—just like buying in bulk results in a lower cost, the ODAA can buy in bulk and pass the savings on to members. Membership resources also allow the ODAA to hire staff like Case Managers, who are dedicated to supporting members.

What does the ODAA do for Certified dental assistants?

Certified dental assistants in Ontario believe in the value of a recognized certification for their career. Through their professional association, they develop and maintain nationally-recognized standards for the profession. ODAA Directors and staff promote the value of certification to government, organizations and regulatory bodies across Ontario and Canada; and ODAA Certified dental assistants promote the value of certification to their peers—including other dental assistants, dental hygienists, dentists and students—as well as to the public.

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