Hire a Certified Dental Assistant

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In Ontario, dental assistants demonstrate a personal conviction to their careers and to dental patients by becoming certified by the ODAA.

Certification represents knowledge. Dental assistants who are certified must be formally educated and have passed an entry-to-practice examination. By hiring an ODAA certified dental assistant, you will be assured that your employee has passed an approved program, has passed the entry to practice required examinations and is HARP approved to expose radiographs.

In addition, certification must be maintained and renewed each year. To maintain certification, ODAA members must earn 12 credits per year. Credit-earning activities include attending workshops, seminars, conferences, continuing education meetings, taking home study courses, performing community service, and more.

The ODAA appreciates the thousands of Ontario dentists who make certification an employment requirement when hiring dental assistants. When you hire a certified dental assistant, you're ensuring the health and well-being of your dental patients and helping to uphold the quality of dental care in Ontario.

ODAA provides a job-posting service to Ontario dentists at no cost to you. With this service you can be guaranteed that your new employee is formally educated, has passed the appropriate exams, is HARP approved and committed to staying contemporary in thought and practice. To use this service please Submit a Job Posting.

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