ODAA Code of Ethics

Dental Assistants are skilled healthcare professionals who possess a diverse set of knowledge and who apply clinical skills through the assignment and delegation of duties within provincial guidelines and provincial legislation. Dental assistants facilitate the work of other dental professionals, always working collaboratively with all members of the oral healthcare team.

Dental assistants are educated professionals, providing patient-centred care, and who maintain their clinical competence through continued education.

The ODAA defines dental assistants as those who provide either clinical and/or administrative services within a dental setting.

  1. The paramount responsibility of a certified dental assistant is to the health and well-being of the patient.
  2. Certified dental assistants provide care and service to others with the focus on respect, dignity, equity, and fairness to all.
  3. Certified dental assistants and receptionists commit to the highest level of professionalism by maintaining current knowledge and competency.
  4. Certified dental assistants recognize their limitations and agree to abide by the current approved skill set as outlined by the ODAA.
  5. Certified dental assistants should not overstate or embellish their abilities and qualifications.
  6. Certified dental assistants work with others to ensure that the office is a safe and healthy work space.
  7. Certified dental assistants are expected to maintain appropriate boundaries and to respect the dignity of others.
  8. Certified dental assistants respect and honour the confidentiality of the personal and health information of their patients.
  9. Certified dental assistants shall uphold all legal obligations associated with their profession.