Ontario Dental Assistants – Scope of Practice


  • Preparation of the treatment/clinical area.
  • Cleaning and sterilization of instruments and hand pieces.
  • Passing instruments to the dentist or hygienist (single- and two-handed technique).
  • Proper use of High Volume Evacuator within the Oral Cavity.
  • Preparation of Restorative Materials.
  • Perform simple laboratory procedures such as the pouring and trimming of study models.
  • Maintains supplies and equipment (stocks and replenishes supplies).
  • Monitors inventory.
  • Assesses emergency situations, aware of emergency protocols, knowledge of First Aid and CPR.
  • Assists in maintaining emergency drug kits.
  • Ability to interpret Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Conducts spore/biological indicator tests.
  • Recording data on patients’ record or chart as directed by the DDS.
  • Patient and community education on oral health (extra-oral).
  • Other extra-oral duties as required by the dentist.
  • Instruction in care and maintenance of pre-fitted appliances.
  • Expose, process, and mount radiographs as specified by HARP.
  • Obtains vital signs.

(with NDAEB certificate)

  • Includes, but not limited to, all duties of CERTIFIED Level I Dental Assistants as listed above.
  • Mechanical polishing of the coronal portion of the teeth.
  • Placement and removal of rubber dam.
  • Taking of preliminary impressions of teeth for study models.
  • Topical application of anti-cariogenic agents.
  • Oral hygiene instruction with an intra-oral component.
  • Dietary counseling relative to dentistry.
  • Application of materials topically to prepare the surface of the teeth for pit and fissure sealants.
  • Application of pit and fissure sealants.
  • Application of topical anaesthetics.
  • Application of desensitizing agents.
  • Whitening of the coronal portion of the teeth using materials generally available to the public without prescription.
  • Polishing restorations.
  • Oral irrigation.

The following skills cannot be performed by Level II Dental Assistants in Ontario at this time as they are considered Controlled Acts.

  • Application of Matrices and Wedges.
  • Application of Treatment Liners.


  • Patient reception and dismissal
  • Appointment book control and maintain recall system
  • Block out times for reserved emergency and new appointments
  • Maintaining and controlling business area
  • Handle all incoming calls promptly and efficiently
  • Patient follow-up treatment calls
  • Public relations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Managing receivables and payables
  • Prepare and balance bank deposits on daily basis
  • Age and prepare outstanding account statements
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Incoming mail, invoices, packing slips and statements (forward to appropriate person for verification and/or payment)
  • Maintaining file system
  • Ordering and receiving supplies


  • Performs required part of consultation
  • Reviews medical history and explains office policies and procedures
  • Makes a definite financial agreement with each patient/parent in accordance with the financial policies of the office. Prepares financial agreement form for each patient
  • Monitors patient progress through each treatment
  • Sends the patient records for consultation with appropriate specialists as required
  • Co-ordinates goodwill program
  • Helps to co-ordinate practice building and public relations efforts with patients, parents and referring professionals
  • Print and proofread patient correspondence
  • Keeps treatment acceptance rate within practice goals
  • Ensures the follow-up of "will-advise" and mail-in referrals
  • Educates patients with respect to appointments and financial obligations

(Listed with RCDSO prior to January 1, 2000)

  • Includes, but not limited to all duties of CERTIFIED Level I Dental Assistants as listed above
  • Chairside Dental Assisting (Level I)
  • Mechanical polishing of the coronal portion of the teeth
  • Placement and removal of rubber dam
  • Taking of preliminary impression of teeth for study models
  • Topical application of anti-cariogenic agents
  • Oral hygiene instruction with an intra-oral component

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