How to Become an Ontario Dental Assistant

The ODAA believes that a formal education is critical for all dental assistants - as opposed to being trained on the job. Formally educated dental assistants:

  • Know how to perform their duties to protect the health and safety of their patients
  • Are trained to work in a variety of dental environments such as:
    • private dental offices
    • community dental clinics
    • hospital dental clinics
    • public health units
    • specialty practices such as orthodontics, paedodontics, periodontics, oral maxilla facial surgery
    • insurance companies
    • dental sales
  • Have better opportunities for work advancement
  • Can command a higher salary
  • Find it easier to continue their career in dental assisting in other provinces
  • Enjoy deeper career satisfaction

Dental assisting is taught at many community colleges and private career colleges in Ontario.

To assist you in finding the institution that is right for you, see what to look for in a college.

In addition to having a formal education, it’s important to be certified with the ODAA. Certification demonstrates pride in your work and commitment to your career. Being certified will also help you find employment in an office that values you as part of the team and places great importance on the well-being of its patients.

Learn more about becoming a certified Dental Assistant.