President's Message

Mary Wardle




Dear ODAA Members,

Hello, my name is Mary Wardle, and I have been a proud member of the ODAA for 30-plus years. I am excited to assume the role of President of the Ontario Dental Assistants Association.

Originally, I was interested in joining the ODAA to have more of an insight as to what goes on “behind the scenes” of the association. As a member, I wanted to get involved, working with the staff of the ODAA in a volunteer position. Over the years as a volunteer Board Member, I have seen firsthand the hard work, dedication and commitment the staff has and wanted to remain part of it. The staff and the volunteer Board Members, including myself, are working continuously to support and advance the well-being of the members of the ODAA.

My career started after I graduated from Niagara College in the Dental Assisting program in 1991. Back then, you could only graduate with what we know as Level 1 Dental Assisting. I continued my education, taking Preventative Dental Assisting and then Level 2 Dental Assisting.  Most recently, I have earned a certificate in Medical Device Reprocessing from Mohawk College. I worked in Ortho for over 30 years, and in 2021, I made a big change. I started working at Niagara College as a Dental Technician. In a way, I have come full circle in my career.

Since Covid, the cost of living has skyrocketed, and everyone, including our members, has had to face these challenges. A lot of us are finding it hard to make ends meet. As the President, I want you to know that the ODAA is working continuously to promote our value, dedication and hard work as Certified Dental Assistants to get the respect and compensation we deserve.

My goal for the ODAA and its members is to uplift Dental Assisting as the great career that it is. It isn’t just a job that anyone can do. Only the best thrive and continue in their career as Certified Dental Assistants. Through membership, continuing education and dedication, we can all achieve our goals.

Lastly, as you have read previously, I have worked as a Certified Dental Assistant for many years chairside; I can relate to our members in their daily lives, the good and bad. I am here for the members and the association. Thank you, and I look forward to my term serving as President of the Ontario Dental Assistants Association.

Mary Wardle, CDA II, MDRT